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Urban parks have diversified their roles in society with the times, serving as a place of rest and relaxation for people of all ages, an urban habitat for preserving biodiversity, a playground and outdoor learning center for children, an evacuation shelter in times of disaster and in many other capacities. At the same time, numerous businesses and projects have been launched inside urban parks, which has been enhancing the connection between individuals and their community. More so than ever before, parks function as a “nucleus of urban development” by getting all kinds of people involved with one another, and are growing as a driving force behind restructuring efforts of local communities.

What should the functions of urban parks be? What hardware or software is required? NPO birth, in its quest to build a better relationship between people and nature, has steadily refined the “power of parks” as the quality much needed of today’s parks.
Our mission and commitment is to work together with each individual in order to perfect the power of parks and bring a fresh breath of life to urban areas.


NPO birth is a non-profit organization established in 1997 with the aim of conserving nature in local areas.
With over twenty years of experience and extensive knowledge in ecology and community building,
we introduce and advance the power of parks in urban areas.
Working hand in hand with other sectors, NPO birth connects people and people as well as people and nature.
As such, we encourage lifestyle changes, creating a society where people and nature can live in harmony.


It is not the nature per se, but a better relationship between people and nature that we strive to ensure. Our mission is to share the importance and joy of living close to nature with more people; to learn more knowledge and skills to protect the nature and ecosystem and working together as a team. Strengthening the relationship between people and people/people and nature/people and society, we intend to encourage lifestyle changes to build a society where people and nature live in harmony, where anyone can enjoy its benefits.


Our aim is to build a society with abundant greenery where people and nature live in harmony; where a park serves as a place of peace and tranquility with the riches of nature in its surrounding; where people enjoy plants and animals; where people establish bonds and connections through volunteer activities to protect greenery. Our hope is for everyone to enjoy nature in their everyday lives and to take action to protect such lifestyles.

What we do

3 Teams Working Toward the Same Goal

NPO birth uses its collective strengths in three fields of expertise to hone the “power of parks” and propose exciting lifestyles that embrace the natural environment in cities. The end target is to connect people with the natural environment and with each other as a basis for building a better relationship between city-dwellers and the nature in their communities.

Cooperation coordination team

Cooperation Coordination Team

Cooperation Coordination Team organizes communities for environmental projects. They plan, implement and manage all sorts of activities ranging from events to urban development projects, by applying community-building know-how in order to work with individuals and organizations of varying position and perspective such as governments, resident organizations, businesses, etc.

Environmental education team

Environmental Education Team

Environmental Education Team is a leader in urban parks and green spaces. They visit parks and green spaces to survey wildlife status and human activity, and to identify and resolve risks and issues concerning the natural environment. They also provide “nature interpretations” and “environmental education” to visitors, and disseminate information via park signboards, pamphlets, the internet and other means and media.

Natural environment management team

Natural Environment Management Team

Natural Environment Management Team plans and examines conservation and development strategies from scientific, social, political and other viewpoints. They use their expertise, experience and human network to survey, study and assess natural environments and wildlife, plan and propose conservation activities, and provide consulting on environmental management.

Collective Strengths of NPO birth’s 3 Teams

Urban Park
Combining the power of the three teams, we manage city parks and private green areas. We are highly praised for the method of creating a park through a proxy with local governments, company, academia, and citizens.
We provide support for promoting smart, green and livable city development. We engage in mediation, opinion coordination, and consensus building among people from various positions related to community development, such as launching volunteer activities, supporting activities, promoting public-private partnership projects, and area management.
With the expertise and comprehensive strength of the three teams, we are able to respond to a variety of consultations from local governments, companies, civic groups, etc. Utilizing the know-how cultivated in the field so far, we will present practical solutions.


We, NPO birth, are using 20 years of experience in managing parks and green spaces to explore the “power of parks” that is essential to the establishment of international cities of the 21st century. Whether it is at satoyama, Japanese garden, green space with facilities, environmental protected area or new “urban development” venue, we want to open channels to the next generation by meeting the needs of the natural environment, people and society.

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NPO birth
Date established
January 5, 2001 (Established as a private organization on December 1, 1997)
3-10-9 Tanashicho, Nishitokyo City, Tokyo 188-0011
Masuo Orihara
Executive Director
Rumi Satoh